Montessori Early Childhood (3-6) Teacher Training Program

Become a Montessori teacher!
You'll acquire an integrated understanding of the best practices from both AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) and AMS (American Montessori Society) accreditations, paving the way for diverse global career opportunities.
Learners can easily submit their assignments and receive valuable feedback from their instructors online. This exchange will help with skill enhancement and ensure sustained engagement throughout the learning process.
Through our virtual platform, teachers get to engage with their peers, exchange ideas and opinions, seek clarification while cultivating a strong sense of community.
Community and Connection
An online platform allows for easy access to lessons at any time, making it easier to integrate learning into daily life.
Learners have the choice to learn at their preferred pace, from any location, which allows them to pursue their skill development even amidst busy schedules.
Hopscotch Hub offers an ongoing journey of professional development, enabling enrolled learners to remain current with the most up to date teaching methods and practice.
Professional Development

About the training

August 1, 2024
Length of the program: 12 months - 18 months
Application deadline: July 1, 2024
Hello everyone!
We're the team of Hopscotch Montessori, an international network of schools rooted in NYC. With campuses spanning three countries worldwide, our journey continues without any plans to halt. Consider us your guides, helping you create a convenient path to your destination!

Grounded in research-based child development principles, this program ensures you gain practical experience, innovative teaching methods, and a supportive network of fellow educators. Armed with these skills, you'll be well-prepared for a fulfilling professional growth in the field of early childhood education. So, get ready, and let's make you a Montessori teacher of the future!

Why enroll in Montessori Early Childhood Teacher Training Program with Hopscotch Hub?

The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.Our team draws from the international expertise of our schools and instructors that are AMI and AMS trained. We adhere to the well-integrated Montessori education approach and blend the best aspects of both accreditations.

Katie Moore is a lead teacher and school director with an AMI diploma and over a decade of early childhood teaching experience, who worked under the guidance of Maria Roth in Munich, Germany.
Jeff Frank is a co-founder and academic director of Hopscotch Montessori with a certification from the AMS and an M.Ed. degree in Early Childhood and Special Education.
Iryna Drozdovska is the founder and CEO of our network with a proficiency spanning international school business management, classroom leadership, and fostering peace culture.

Practicum Phase

The practicum phase allows educators to gain hands-on experience in an actual classroom setting while applying their knowledge gained from the Academic Phase. Hopscotch Hub offers placements at Hopscotch schools in New York and international campus locations, as well as suggestions for schools and teaching sites all over the world. Educators will work for a minimum of a half-day classroom schedule in one of the approved Montessori schools, under the supervision of an certified Montessori educator.
Hours: 540 hours

Academic Phase

Educators will gain comprehensive insights into Montessori philosophy, pedagogy, and materials, enabling learners to create engaging and purposeful classroom environments. You will also learn about Classroom Management Strategies and Peace education to create classrooms that nurture a sense of responsibility, empathy, and interconnectedness among individuals.

The program is delivered through a hybrid format that includes in-person classes held at Hopscotch Montessori’s VIA campus in NYC, pre recorded lessons via our online educational platform, and live virtual sessions via Zoom.
Hours: 300+ hours (120 hours in-person)

You will be studying in the authentic Montessori environment of our Hopscotch Montessori campus in New York

What you gain in this course

Experience one-on-one mentoring throughout the session, guiding you not only in teaching but also in building your Montessori school. Our Hub offers continuous, comprehensive support for your entire education journey.
Dive into effective classroom management techniques often overlooked in traditional Montessori training. Teachers will be able to develop profound strategies to engage and support all students and families, including those with diverse learning differences and ESL (English as Second Language) students.
Acquire essential knowledge and skills to effectively support families within a Montessori environment. Master the dos and don’ts for social gatherings, events, and celebrations, emphasizing strategies to promote positive communication and collaboration between parents.
Hands-on tools for creating a mindful Montessori classroom. Learn scope and pedagogy of Peace Education to cultivate empathy, respect, and social responsibility in children. Teachers will gain hands-on tools in creating a designated Montessori "peace shelf" and lessons around themes like “conflict resolution” and “mutual respect”.
Deepen your understanding of Montessori curriculum knowledge, going beyond the traditional emphasis. This course provides a comprehensive exploration, ensuring you are well-versed in the principles and applications of Montessori education from the best of AMI and AMS training.
Full Education Journey Support
Inclusive Classroom Management
Parent Education and Involvement Management
Peace Education
Comprehensive Montessori Curriculum

Virtual Info Session

Want to learn more about how Hopscotch Hub Montessori Early Childhood Teacher Training Program works? Join us for a Virtual Info Session and we'll gladly answer all of your questions!

Tuition and Fees

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