Thinking about growing your school but unsure where to start?

Having dreams of launching your own educational venture but find yourself hesitating?

Currently navigating the role of a Montessori administrator and aspire to step into a leadership position?

We’ve got you covered! Together, we’ll embark on a journey that will turn your aspirations into reality.

Unpack your leadership potential!

Meet with your cohort online and brainstorm ideas. Hopscotch HUB serves as a platform for Montessori leaders globally, so even after you finish the course, you’ll be able to exchange experiences, seek answers to your questions, and receive support.
While working with real cases and documentation, you’ll tackle problems and apply the knowledge you've gained to your own project!
Our course will last 18 weeks, but you'll have access to the learning materials for an extra 3 months.
Long-term access
You’ll receive personalized feedback from our guides in chats and during live online sessions. The meetings will be held every 14 days. Together we’ll rethink, develop and upgrade your project!
There is no reference to place and time. Each lesson is delivered as an individual movie that you can enjoy whenever you like.

About the course

April 1, 2024 — August 15, 2024

4,5 months of intensive learning, online sessions,
and practical work

“The best way to predict the future is to create it,”
says Peter Drucker. And we agree with this.

Are you the owner of an educational project or are you just planning to become one? Are there questions in your head:
“What could be improved?” or “Where to begin?”.
Hello everyone! We're Iryna Drozdovska and Jeff Frank, the founders of Hopscotch Montessori, an international network of schools rooted in NYC. With campuses spanning three countries worldwide, our journey continues without any plans to halt!

Drawing from over 14 years of experience, we are eager to share our knowledge with the Montessori community. Consider us your guides, helping you create a convenient path to your destination! For the next 18 weeks, we're in this together—putting in the effort, exchanging valuable insights, and cultivating growth. So, get ready, and let's grow a successful educational project or take an existing business to a new level!

Who is this course for?

Directors and leaders of Montessori schools
Evaluate your project, pinpoint management weaknesses, and create a clear action plan. Boost profits, scale your business, and bring your educational project to the next level!

Managers and administrators who want to become leaders
Develop strong leadership and management skills tailored to the unique requirements of your school, so you can take a leap in your career growth and earnings.

Those who want to open their own school or preschool
Learn how to minimize risks, avoid most common startup mistakes and build a successful educational business from the ground up!

School founders
Learn to delegate operational routine and focus on strategic planning to grow multiples. Expand your existing business or open new locations.

What will be your learning outcomes?

1. Discover your intrinsic motivation, identity, and value of your Montessori project.

2. Develop an educational business strategy and build internal processes.

3. Build a strong brand for your school and master promotion and client engagement.

4. Form a dedicated school team and community.

5. Open your own school or take an existing business to a new level.

What will you learn?

Build a community
Manage operational processes
Select a team
Build logistics
Manage finances
Find and retain customers
Develop an educational product
Leadership thinking
Learn to understand your parents and communicate with them. Explore "customer-centered" as a philosophy and understand how to shape parental relationships. You can organize events for families and create your own traditions and holidays.
Master the accounting and tracking of customers. Understand documentation for parents, everyday operations, and communications. Learn how to conduct tours and draft contracts. You will be able to plan the growth and development of the school.
Familiarize yourself with staff structure and job responsibilities. Learn to bring in new people and build team consistency. Detail how to organize coaching, professional development, and training for employees.
Define how to find school premises and negotiate successfully with landlords. Understand lease agreements and partnership opportunities. Study the parameters of the environment, and the use of space, as well as its design.
You will define how to make a budget and its projections. Explore investment opportunities. Learn how to keep track of the costs and profitability of the enterprise.
Understand who your client is and what your competitive advantages are in the market. Learn how to conduct market research, build a brand and corporate identity. Study online promotion tools and ways to communicate with clients.
Find your school's identity and design the program. Create school policy and learn how to write educational plans.
Get to know the history, styles, and principles of leadership. Develop your leadership skills and personal ethics. Learn how to establish a positive school culture, motivate the team, and plan development strategically.
“To establish a successful educational project, understanding technical issues alone is not enough. Sure, things like documentation, logistics, finance, and marketing are crucial, but those are essentially material aspects. What truly matters are the emotions that an educational product carries. It is why the parents come and why they stay. It involves creating the right atmosphere, fostering personal contact, nurturing a sense of community, instilling boundless trust, and establishing connections between teachers, parents, and children. Success is achieved when everyone on the team goes the extra mile because they're fueled by a shared vision. Our mission is to teach leaders how to achieve this level of service, be bold and have no limits for growth!”
Iryna Drozdovska, founder
and CEO of Hopscotch Montessori

Course program

Route 1
Entrepreneurial skills

  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Vision (2 parts)
  • Strategic planning
  • Developing entrepreneurial skills
  • Personal ethics
Route 2
Leadership thinking

  • Your leadership journey
  • Montessori principles for leaders
  • Positive school culture
  • The art of communication
  • Personal experience, mistakes as a growth tool
Route 3
Finance and budgeting

  • Terminology and general concepts
  • Accounting for costs and profitability of the enterprise
  • Budget
  • Investments: budgets and projection
Route 5
Marketing and advertising

  • Who is your client?
  • The Client's Journey
  • Brand building and corporate identity
  • Website and social media
Route 6
Development of an educational product

  • School identity
  • School policy
  • Unpack your year: pedagogy and educational plans (2 parts)
  • Program design
Route 7
Service Design

  • Silent Journey
  • Educational events for parents
  • Customer orientation as a philosophy
  • Communication with parents
  • Understanding the parent
  • Traditions and holidays (2 parts)
Route 8
Human potential

  • Hiring the right people
  • Welcoming new people
  • Personnel structure and job responsibilities
  • Professional development and training
  • Building your team
  • Coaching & Mentoring
Route 9
Operational management

  • The art of sales
  • Documentation for parents
  • Daily operations
  • Everyday internal and external communications
  • Planning for school growth and development
Route 4

  • Space design
  • Environment planning
  • Home for a school
  • Partnership
Your guide, Iryna Drozdovska
"Every journey begins with the first step! As soon as I graduated from high school, I immediately knew that my interest and direction was entrepreneurship. Already at the age of 19, I opened my first business - an advertising agency. The entrepreneurial experience was essential on my path to becoming a Montessori school leader and owner.

I have always been passionate about international relations and different cultures - this is how the idea of opening small cozy schools with quality education and service, which would serve not only the local community of the city, but also foreign families, was born. Thanks to our partnership with Jeff Frank and our shared dreams, 4 schools have been created.

I want this course to inspire you to start new projects or take a fresh look at an existing business! One of my goals is to give you hands-on experience so you can learn and innovate all at once."

Your guide, Jeff Frank

“Throughout my journey, I have gone from seeker to student, teacher to mentor, and then to partner and school leader. Mentorship and collaboration, alongside patience, self-reflection, and inspiration, have become the essential tools for my personal and professional growth.

Leadership in Montessori is about the child, who is always in the spotlight as a hope and a promise for people and our future. At Hopscotch Montessori, we incorporate this principle into our daily communication and work - from school leadership to classroom teaching. This idea inspires and motivates me to explore and share new approaches to leadership that embrace pedagogical, psychological,personal, professional, and even spiritual aspects in one coherent philosophy.”

As a result you'll get

A comprehensive database of current approaches to leadership in Montessori education and a thorough understanding of their practical application;

A well-developed strategy for building an educational business and establishing work processes;

Certificate of Course Completion from Hopscotch Montessori!
Payment can be accepted from individuals and legal entities.
We are waiting for you and happy to answer all your questions personally! Please write to us: info@hopscotch-hub.com
Personal mentoring of our guides
with checking and consulting assignments

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